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Why should I go for further study in Canada?

It has 2 (two) fold advantages if you study in Canada for at least 1-year program. Firstly, you can upgrade your existing skills and secondly, you are qualified to apply from Canada under different categories (Canadian Experience Class). It gives more points while calculating CRS points under Express Entry System. Other hand, candidates having an age of 38 years old or more, are getting much lesser CRS points from age. This makes the candidates unqualified for Canada Immigration. However, studying in Canada can possibly qualify the candidates for Canada Immigration by getting more points under Canadian Experience Class (CEC) while applying for Canada Immigration from Canada thereby, compensating the lesser CRS points for age 30 years or older for the candidates.

I am a newly married couple. How can I go to study abroad alone?

You can bring your spouse with you while studying in Canada. Your accompanying spouse can work full-time with an open work permit (in any workplace without LMIA) during your study period to support you financially and emotionally as a newly married couple so that you can concentrate moreover education and ultimately getting a job satisfactorily in Canada and enjoy life as a couple in Canada.

Can I travel anywhere in the world easily from Canada as a permanent residence or Citizen of Canada?

Yes, you can travel to the USA easily without hassles. Being a Canadian, you can travel easily anywhere in the world without hassles and even with respect as a Canadian due to Canada's respect to the world and advantage of higher Canadian currency value compared to many other countries.

What is called a multi-cultural society?

A multi-cultural society means people from more than 200 countries in the world, live in an organized and protected society and they interact with each other and pay respect to each other and share their values. They celebrate their own religious festivals without hassles.

Why should we choose Canada as a second home as compared to other countries?

We should choose Canada as a second home while thinking about immigration to another country for the following reasons: (1) Canada allows every citizen to retain dual citizenship (2) Canada is the safest place to live (3) Canada offers free health care, a world-class education system, and a higher standard of living even with a mediocre income (4) Canadian society embraces people of all religions and communities which countries they belong to (5) Canadian charters of Rights and Freedom and Human Rights protect everyone to live in an organized and protected society.

What will happen if I do not have sufficient funds to meet government eligibility criteria?

If you do not have sufficient funds to meet the government eligibility criteria, then you have to go for financing options through National Bank Financial, an approved government intermediary and an affiliate of National Bank of Canada, a leader in the Canadian banking sector.

Is there any more advantage that International students can get in addition to advanced skills from the Canadian colleges?

In Canada, International students can expect to be eligible to apply for a permanent resident visa after completing 1(one) year of a full-time job in any Canadian company while graduating from the Canadian college.

How to know all those requirements that we need to satisfy for a different category (Programs) to get a permanent resident of Canada for me and my family members?

You have to send an e-mail to us asking for queries about Immigration to Canada along with your resume to get back reply at the earliest.

What is the provincial nominee program? Does it new in Immigration to Canada?

The Provincial Nominee Program falls under the economic immigration category. This program is run by different provinces in Canada. Basically, they nominate International students, Temporary foreign workers, and prospective immigrants both from economic and business classes. No, the program is run by different provinces in Canada to boost economic growth in the provinces. Now-a-days, federal government of Canada encourages prospective immigrants to immigrate to Canada under the Provincial Nominee program.

What is Business Immigration?

Business Immigration is one of the Immigration Categories so far we have to bring business people in Canada. Basically, the program asks businesspeople to be qualified to run businesses and contribute to Canada's economy as well as create more jobs for Canadians.

Does it affordable to business people living outside Canada?

Yes, it is affordable to business people living outside Canada. The program runs by both federal government and provincial governments to encourage business people to run business in different provinces successfully. The program assists business people to be qualified and motivated to run the business while living in Canada as permanent residents of Canada.

Is there any job available as temporary foreign worker in Canada?

Yes. Canada accepts temporary foreign workers from all over the world to fill huge labour shortage in Canada due to retiring baby boomers and low birth rate among the Canadians. But all jobs are available depending upon the occupations, as listed in hiring temporary foreign workers section of our website, where not to frequent local Canadians and permanent residents are available and also depends on the locations in Canada.

Can I become a permanent resident of Canada while working in Canada as a temporary foreign worker?

Yes. You have to work full-time in Canada for at least 2 years provided you are not inadmissible due to health ground and security threat to Canadian society.

I like to work temporarily in Canada. In there is any specific category of jobs that we need to apply for as temporary foreign workers in Canada . What do you suggest?

No. There is no specific category of jobs that are only available in Canada. But we focus moreover high skilled and trade-people based on availability of jobs in Canada. We are encouraging everyone who are interested to work and live in Canada, to send resumes to us. We will keep all resumes in our offices. We will definitely call back as per the availability of jobs in Canada as and when required.

Can we apply for temporary foreign worker job, not listed in your website?

Yes. You can apply for jobs by sending your resume at, not listed in other section of our website. We will keep all resumes in our office. As per the availability of the job matching with your resume, we will call you as and when required. Please be noted that you need to update your profile time to time and send to us, if applicable.

I like to live in Canada. Can you please guide me how to apply for Canada Immigration?

Canada offers many immigration categories where you can try to fit yourself to be qualified for Canada Immigration. This immigration system is designed to encourage everyone to immigrate, work temporarily, business and other justified purposes where Canada will be benefited and also who can invest, manage business and transfer their transferable skills to the permanent residents and Canadians and contribute to the Canada economy. Global Immigration Consultancy Services team headed by the registered Canadian Immigration Consultant are competent to assess your resume, willing to apply for Canada Immigration, to fit yourself under the suitable category for Canada Immigration. The interested candidates are requested to send their resumes to us at We will assess your resume and get back to you at the earliest.

How do trade people get benefits under this newly introduced Federal Skilled Trade Class category?

This new category will help trade people to qualify to immigrate to Canada and the assessment for qualification to become a permanent resident of Canada will be effected based on the genuine trade experience either from Canada or from outside Canada if they can fit their experience at par with the Canadian Industry standard in terms of job responsibilities and vocational training/study in the related trade or has several years of experience in the related trade in the industry as a full-time / accumulated hours part-time employee. Also trade people do not need to have higher educational background and higher IELTS General training score as compared to Federal Skilled Trade Workers Program.

How to know whether I am qualified for Canadian Immigration?

To know about your eligibility to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Trade Class program, you have to send a resume to us at or drop your resume in our office close to you.

Why do I need to get a certification / Licensing process from Canada to work in our profession?

In most trades and some high skilled occupations, we need certifications / Licenses to be qualified to work in Canada.